Bobbie Lima, M.Ed., LADC

Life Coach – Consultant
Massachusetts Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor

Meet Bobbie Lima

Ms. Lima is a graduate of Cambridge College in Massachusetts with a Masters Degree in Education, majoring in Counseling/Psychology. She is also a graduate of Massachusetts General Hospital School of Practical Nursing. She has had training with Hazelden Center, the Rutgers School of Alcohol Studies, Harvard Medical School of Continuing Education; “Treating the Addictions”, the Caron Foundation for Co-dependency and Adult Children of Alcoholics and training at the Onsite Institute with Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse utilizing experiential methods.

Ms. Lima began her career as a detoxification nurse in a rehabilitation facility. Ms. Lima worked as a therapist at the Breakthrough Program at Caron, a residential personal growth workshop designed for those struggling with unhealthy relationship patterns developed from early attachment wounds. She has extensive training in experiential action methods.

And now, a little about me and how I come to the work that I do and love

I grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the youngest of six siblings, and the child of a well known working class Portuguese fisherman, Charlie Lima. He died tragically in a car accident when I was five years old, and life as I knew it changed forever. In a community where water and cold winters removed us from the rest of the world, (“off island”) alcohol was the elixir that often brought us together. My mother used alcohol to medicate the pain from the loss of my father who was the love of her life. Ultimately, she succumbed to alcoholism, well before her time.

Given my immersion into the pain that active addiction brings, it is perhaps no surprise that I chose to enter this field, first as a detox nurse, and later as a counselor specializing in addictions. Although I did not know it consciously then, it was important for me to rework those chaotic, unresolved parts of myself and find answers. Slowly, and at times painfully, with professional help, I found my way to recovery some 31 years ago.

I have been fortunate to have obtained my professional training and to have worked in some of the most highly regarded programs and facilities in the nation. I am well versed in evidenced-based practices, and am particularly drawn to the power of experiential, action methods as a way to help individuals become unstuck and move through and beyond their pain, ambivalence, and unhealthy patterns of behavior.

No one walks their path alone! Throughout my adult life, my two children have been an integral part of my journey, as they learn about, experience, and create their own family and stories. We travel together as often as we can, as they are in far flung places. My son is a computer animator in England. His son is in the Marines stationed in Australia, while his daughter lives in Florida. My daughter is a town clerk on the island and has been a captain on the Chappy Ferry for over twenty years. She enjoys caring for a myriad of spoiled animals including two springer spaniels, a cat, many chickens, and Jack, the perfect horse. We are grateful for FaceTime and Skype to keep us connected between trips.

I love reading, travel and entertaining family and friends. These leisure time activities fill my heart and soul, as does my professional work with groups and individuals seeking support and guidance in becoming unstuck. My training and life experiences are a testament to the fact that change is possible, powerful and transformative. My wish is that you give yourself the opportunity to experience the power of your own growth, spirituality, and joy. It would be my honor to support you to become fully and personally aware of what that might look and feel like for you in your own life, as you deserve nothing less!

“The Joy is in the Journey.”

Bobbie Lima, M.Ed, LADC